(restoration of the Zola house, development of a Dreyfus museum)
Pierre Bergé.
To build a better future.
This is the reasoning behind the creation of a Dreyfus Museum on the Émile Zola property at Médan.
Here, through his courageous involvement, a man of letters at the peak of his glory was able to sway
the course of justice to save an innocent man at the risk of his own liberty and honour.

In this house, where the presence of Zola’s combative pen is still to be felt, an area will be set aside to document
“the Affair” and what it signifies for the future: the fight against all forms of racism and anti-Semitism, the struggle
for justice and equality.

This truly magnificent project is one that is particularly close to my heart.
Yves Saint Laurent and myself wanted such a site to exist here so that the repercussions of a dramatic moment
in our modern history - an episode which shook the world far beyond the frontiers of Europe - would live in the
minds of all for years to come.
The lessons of the Dreyfus Affair will be passed on at Médan to ensure that vigilance prevails over oblivion
and remembrance over ignorance so that awareness may prevent recurrence.

The only site in the world to be dedicated to him and, as such, one that will convey the inalienable values
of tolerance and respect associated with the name, the Dreyfus Memorial Museum is intended to be a focal
point of excellence, a resource centre and place of study for contemporary history, political journalism and
the Rights of Man. It is also destined to gain worldwide recognition.

Thanks to the support of the State and the regional authorities, a project conceived and carried forward
by the Zola House/Dreyfus Museum Association has seen the light of day. A genuine mission in the public interest, calling for the full and active support of all partners and sponsors to ensure the longest-lasting and greatest success possible.
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